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Hello students!

on making the excellent decision to start
learning the violin!

Here are some

top tips

for getting the most from your lessons

1. Remember your violin and music!


I know this sounds VERY obvious, but it can be easy to forget. Leave your violin case somewhere near the door or write yourself a note.

2. Practise little and often


The more time you practising, the more quickly you will become an expert. At first, you should aim to do three fifteen minute practises a week minimum.

Set up regular time slots to practice every week. I practise in the morning after I brush my teeth. Sometimes you will be excited to practise and other times you may not quite feel in the mood. However, just like with brushing your teeth, playing your violin regularly is very important!

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3. Stretch and Warm up before playing


Make sure your body and especially your fingers are nice and warm. Shrug your shoulders, shake out your hands and stretch your arms to the ceiling a few times before you start playing. Professional sports people always warm up before a training session. Violinists are also athletes - just on a smaller scale.

4. Inspiration


Listen to the Dynamite Strings tracks regularly so you know how they are supposed to sound. Also, ask your teacher to play for you and recommend some beautiful music to listen to. 

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5. It's Showtime!


Show off your new violin skills to parents, friends, teachers and pets as often as you can. You could play them a concert or even make a violin movie.

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Please check back to this page again soon!

I will be uploading some videos with more top tips over the next few weeks!.

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